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Cian from Saints Of Eden


Touching a second reality, a parallel world. Insenya is the conscious mind connecting, through de-focus, with other souls and feelings. Alive or dead, this existence continues at speeds we can not see. The song explains an experience brought on and explored, the feeling of the music and lyrical content are pure. Hopefully you will share a taste of this world. With AI and the merging of man and machine the new humans will be emotionless and just practical, yet the light flows continue, the other dimensions don't pause in the slightest for us.

Cian from Saints Of Eden

Crossover Electronic Music

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  • Forbidden Pleasure

    Forbidden Pleasure

    Forbidden Pleasure on Apple Music Forbidden Pleasure Album on Spotify

    Pushing both ends of the scale, the latest SOE album includes writing and performance from Flow Toulman, Ross Anderson and Andy Kendle. Much attention to detail, an album that feels complete and evolves in arrangement. A change in production see's the recording of drums for more of a 'band' sound. Electronic elements and sequences are still present. from fast and furious Industrial Metal to sweet and tender Gothic moments with driving club beats. Promo Video



    Overload on Apple Music Overload Album on Spotify

    By this point SOE established a sound of its own. This album was a chance to explore further into songwriting and a more club sound. Production techniques evolved, with less computer/hardware restriction, the doors opened for creativity to explode. The song Overload has retained popularity to this day, with the video on YouTube clocking 140,000 plays and counting. Overload video



    Proteus on Apple Music Proteus Album on Spotify

    Riffing mayhem from tracks like Lost Raiders, with a driving kick drum and Industrial Gothic sequences rhythmically kicking everything in sight. A lot more musical than the first album, showing a development in song structure and writing. If you like Rammstein, Slayer with a thumping kick, check it out.

    The Other Side

    The Other Side

    The Other Side on Apple Music The Other Side Album on Spotify

    A head on the block new sound with hard guitars and dance music rhythms with Goth overtones and Industrial electronica produced in this way was pretty rare in 1997. Kerrang described it as an "emotional roller coaster.. Sepultura meets Underworld on a Prodigy acid tip". Cian had played in Nefilim for 5 years prior.. and before that, 3 albums in the Uk hardcore scene.. (mix that lot up and who knows what might happen)

  • Game Over EP

    Game Over EP

    A thumping club classic, this uplifting gothic dance track shares the emotions of a challenging break-up.
    Haunting, catchy guitar riffs bring the chorus to it's climax "You cry like an angel with broken wings" - There's an except from the track in the video above right.
    3 further tracks, only available on this ep are the trippy headed 'Hurricane' and a Kicking Prodigy style 'Game Over remix' by Crossflow Recordings. The ep is completed with a Killers, 80's type track called 'Breakaway'
    Forbidden Pleasure Promo Video.

    Shameless EP

    Shameless EP

    Shameless EP on Apple Music Shameless EP on Spotify

    A right-angle turn for Saints Of Eden, teaming up with rapper T.Amore to produce an electro-goth, rap anthem.
    The popular video for this one was filmed in the huge air ship hangers in Cardington, Bedford.
    Loz at Kerrang was happy to get behind Shameless on the radio.. One of those tracks that just happened, whatever way you look at it, this song is unique and catchy as F***. The ep also includes 'Ice' (Overload remix), 'Price Ya Gotta Pay' and 'So Near' (No Strangers remix).
    Shameless / Price Ya Gotta Pay Videos

    Shameless DVD

    Shameless DVD

    There will always be something special about this track, whether it's originality or just the charm and ethereal thought it evokes.
    Something for the collection, a limited edition.